Family Photography

For families just as they are - perfectly imperfect

No awkward posing, no stiff interactions, just your family being joyful!

My family photoshoots are extremely relaxed, and work completely around the children. They want to run, we run! They want to play, we play! They want to have a rest, we rest!

Let's choose a location that is special to you, or stay at home in your own space. I can also give suggestions of great locations locally for beautiful settings. We will go for a stroll, chat, laugh and play, giving me the opportunity to capture true moments of connection between you all as we wander.

They will only be this size now

Concerned about your kids being engaged and having fun?

Don't be!
Kids are kids, and they are going to give us genuine smiles when they are having fun, so that's what we will do - have fun!
I have lots of tricks up my sleeve, and lots of bad jokes that are sure to make them laugh at me.
Prior to your session I will chat to you about your family, and what makes them tick. I will also send a session guide that will contain lots of tips for how we can make the most of our time together, and be sure to show everyone's true personalities.

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