Why choose in-home lifestyle newborn photography?

From the moment you bring your gorgeous new addition home for the first time, life in your home will never be the same again, and time will fly by quicker than you could ever imagine. Those first weeks and months will probably all blend in to a blur of love, baby snuggles on the sofa, rocking in the nursing chair, walking the hall to settle, changing on the floor, and feeding, feeding and feeding some more.

This time getting to know your baby is so special, and the majority of it will be done in your own home, building your new family dynamic in your own space.

An in-home lifestyle newborn session lets you freeze all these magical moments in time. Moments that you can so easily forget to commit to memory, and lost to the past. An in-home session with me allows these precious moments to be captured in a relaxed environment that is comfortable for the whole family.

Let's photograph your baby, your family, in your surroundings

Let your baby look back and see how loved they were in the everyday moments

What does an in-home session look like?

Sessions are very relaxed, unhurried, and are completely baby-led. I will photograph the everyday moments as they happen and work around baby's needs. I will give gentle prompts of how to showcase your connections in the most beautiful way, but no awkward posing or strict direction.

Feeding (breastfed or bottle fed), changing, snuggling, and even bathing make for the most beautiful, natural photographs.